• contract packaging options provided by US Packaging

    How a contract packager can help you

    US Packaging is here for your contract packaging needs Let’s say you’re a major food distributor who’s trying to open up a new market by packaging one of your products […]

  • Making sustainability a top priority


    How do we make sustainability a top priority, recyclable less confusing How often do you start to recycle an empty container, then pause because you’re not sure whether that type […]

  • Single-Serve stick packaging by US Packaging

    Single-serve packaging made simple

    US Packaging Provides Packaging Options Decades ago, single-serve packaging wasn’t an option. If you wanted potato chips, you bought a big bag and everyone reached inside to grab a handful. […]

  • Variety Packs filled by US Packaging

    Taking control of your variety packs

    When you’re staring at a display of candy bags, which are you more likely to pick? Personally, I’m a chocolate girl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want a bag […]