The process of taking an order and executing it by making it ready for delivery to its intended customer. It may involve warehouse pickup, packaging, labeling, etc.


A large building with loading docks where finished goods are stored until delivery is needed.

Turnkey Manufacturing

The process in which a company obtains all the components needed to manufacture a final product for another company.

Toll Manufacturing

An arrangement in which a company processes raw materials or semi-finished goods for another company.


A unit assembled separately but designed to fit with other units in a manufactured product.


Resize and repack products into a new package.

Pick and Pack Operations

Processing small to large quantities of a product and disassembling them, picking the relevant product for each destination, repackaging these items and shipping them.


When a label is applied to any surface of a product either by hand or automated. Relabeling would be to replace and put on a new label.

Drop Shipping

A supply chain management technique where the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead orders are shipped directly to the consumer.


The delivery of finished goods.