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Single-Serve stick packaging by US Packaging

Decades ago, single-serve packaging wasn’t an option. If you wanted potato chips, you bought a big bag and everyone reached inside to grab a handful. Drink mixes were all or nothing—in order to drink a glass of lemonade, you would need to measure out enough powder for a pitcher, mix it up, then pour what you wanted. Ah … those were hard times, indeed.

Then, consumers started demanding greater convenience, and manufacturers delivered. Now, snack items, drink mixes, condiments and other products are available at both a retail and wholesale level for mass consumption. In early 2020, that became even more important—the World Health Organization characterized the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as a global pandemic, and countries around the world focused on slowing its spread. Gone were the days when groups of people would share bags of food; instead, when people hosted socially distanced parties, they wanted to serve individually packaged food.

That’s where US Packaging has come in. Our job is to do … well, whatever our customers want. Some companies come to us needing materials for packaging their product and the packaging itself. Others already have the materials and just want us to place their product into its designated container. Every customer is different, but we’re able to accommodate each and every one of them.

Single-Serve Packaging Options

We offer three different styles of packaging—stick packs, sachets and pillow bags.

  • Stick packs are the ideal choice for on-the-go consumers and can hold drink mixes, dietary supplements and other powdered products.
  • Sachet packaging seals products on all four sides and primarily is used for powders and liquids. Manufacturers often fill these small packets with ketchup, mayonnaise or salt.
  • Pouch packaging is made from a laminate of flexible plastic and metal foils. Manufacturers can use pouch packaging for a wide variety of foods, including dry goods and liquids.

Since March 2020, our customers have come to us in droves with requests for single-serve packaging. In many cases, they have had to pivot from their initial intentions because customers are demanding individual packets. Fortunately, fulfilling eleventh-hour orders is our specialty. We’re the best in our field at helping out in tough times.

For example, if a customer has been working with another packaging company that has been unable to meet deadlines on a certain job, they may come to us to help them cross the finish line. Or, a customer may experience an issue with its own manufacturing process and suddenly need to outsource a run. We’re happy to help, and our employees will often work overtime and on weekends in order to fulfill an order in time.

We live in a time that is incredibly unpredictable, with consumer wants and needs changing on a weekly basis. Many manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand for certain products, even as other products gather dust on the shelves. US Packaging’s role is make our customers’ lives easier by giving them something they can count on—packaging that is what they need, when they need it.

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