Making sustainability a top priority

How do we make sustainability a top priority, recyclable less confusing

How often do you start to recycle an empty container, then pause because you’re not sure whether that type of packaging is, indeed, recyclable? It’s a common question many consumers ask themselves on a daily basis, and manufacturers are striving to make that question easier to answer by switching to all-recyclable packaging. There’s extra motivation to do so these days, because big-box stores are requiring brands to set specific goals of reducing plastics and their overall carbon footprint.

But making sustainability a top priority is easier said than done. Most of the flexible packaging available in the marketplace is made of dissimilar films, which means it is not recyclable. Instead, companies want to switch to using similar resin plastics in packaging materials, thereby making their containers recyclable and environmentally friendly.

In order to make that switch and other changes that reduce waste, manufacturers need a partner to help them wade through the unfamiliar terrain and build their sustainability story. That’s where US Packaging comes in. We are the experts in sourcing and pricing recyclable and reusable materials so our customers can meet their goals. There are a number of areas in which we can help manufacturers:

  • Stand-up pouches – This type of food packaging has become popular in recent years. But because of the way these containers are constructed, it can be difficult to create them in a way that is also recyclable. We know the market, and we can help companies find the right solution.
  • Plastic rigid containers – These containers are usually recyclable, especially when the labels are printed directly onto the plastic. However, some containers have an added label, and if the brand owner is using inexpensive paper for that label, it likely isn’t recyclable. We help our customers meet their sustainability goals by sourcing labels made out of recyclable film and washable adhesive.
  • RecycleReady Technology – This technology enables companies to produce packaging that can be easily recycled through existing polyethylene film recycle streams, such as store drop-offs. We have the capabilities to use this technology while packaging.

In addition to the work we do for our customers to help them meet their sustainability goals, we have our own sustainability program at US Packaging. We capture three truckloads full of cardboard corrugate every week, compacting and baling it so it can be reused.

Focus on customers

Our work in sustainability at US Packaging is driven by our customers. If a company approaches us with a particularly lofty goal that seems almost unattainable, we can make it happen. It starts at the front end, as we discuss the possibilities and price out solutions. Then, our engineering and production maintenance staff take over the project, using their experience with difficult processes to create a package that is environmentally friendly.

The world is trending more and more toward reusable materials, and any manufacturer that isn’t ready to hop on that train is in danger of being left behind. We make your goals our goals, and don’t stop until we have a solution that fits your sustainability story.

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