Variety candy bags packaged by US Packaging

When you’re staring at a display of candy bags, which are you more likely to pick? Personally, I’m a chocolate girl, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want a bag filled with just one kind of chocolate. I go for the variety pack that will have anywhere from three to six different kinds of candies. I’m not alone—most people like to have a choice, which is why mixed bags of candy and snacks are so popular on the retail side. Not only do consumers desire a variety of snacks for themselves, but they also want to have plenty to offer when they entertain guests—not to mention trick-or-treaters.

The thing is, the general public has no idea how difficult it is to produce that type of mixed seasonal product. It’s not an easy task to control the dosing of several different products in one package. When you are able to manage exactly how many of each variety are added, you typically have to sacrifice speed. So you have to decide: Which is more important to you—control or speed?

Several years ago, US Packaging’s customers began sharing their frustrations with sourcing this type of product. We were determined to find a way to solve this problem—and we did! We have designed, built and programmed an exclusive process that enables us to dose specific amounts of up to six different types of products in one package. Our in-house experts have used their unique knowledge of packaging solutions to create a flawless system that gives our customers exactly what they want—control and speed.

How do we do this? Well, let’s just say it’s a little bit of magic and a lot of ingenuity. We have technical gurus who have devised a way to fully customize output. Our system ensures that our customers can choose exactly what they want in each fill, at the same speed that production would normally take filling with a random assortment.

Control over the product is important because it ultimately can affect your bottom line. Let’s say you have a mixed bag of candy that includes both chocolate bars and sugary candies. Chocolate costs more than sugar, so if you were sourcing the packaging out to a company that randomly fills, you could conceivably end up with a lot more chocolate than sugar in some of the bags. Yet, all the bags are sold at the same price. So, you could be losing money on those products.

Ever since we started implementing this innovative process that allows manufacturers to completely control the product, we’ve had great success. Our customers receive what they want, when they want it, and there’s no disruption to the supply chain. We’re ready to share our successes with you! Do you manufacture mixed seasonal bags & packaging, such as snacks or candy for Halloween, Valentine’s Day or Easter? Do you want to have full control over the specific amount of each product that’s in each package? Talk to us about helping you with the final steps of your packaging needs. Our in-house system has made life much easier for us, and we know it can do the same for you.

Amanda Schaitel
General Manager

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