Retail Packaging

U.S. Packaging provides full turnkey contract packaging. We can take your product and provide the backend manual or secondary packaging that many other plants do not supply. We can complete your packaging needs with the specific retail packaging your product requires. We offer many retail packaging solutions: blister packaging, clamshell packaging, display packaging, gift packaging, kit assembly, counter display, point of purchase display, shrink wrapping and tray and club packaging. We can source your preferred container with pour spouts, tamper resistant seals, what ever your needs require. If we haven't listed your specific packaging requirement just ask and we will source your specifications to provide you what you need.

Retail Packaging Examples
A packaging process where the product is visible behind a glossy, rigid outer shell and merged with a coated back card.
A rigid thermoform package that consists of two parts attached by a hinge that opens and closes like a clamshell around the product.
A cardboard box containing the product or can also hold a flexible pouch of product for stability.
A set of duplicates or a variety of products assembled together into one package.
Display Packaging
Lot Coding


A unique code printed on the individual units as well as the outer case for product traceability.